With the growing concerns of companies about preserving the environment, the trend of using non-polluting gases for cooling systems is on the agenda worldwide. And MIPAL has brought this trend to Brazil. MIPAL customers already count on products designed to use refrigerants such as ammonia and carbon dioxide (CO2) as the only fluid or as secondary fluid.

Although these technologies have already been available in MIPAL’s product line for over 20 years, with the production of aluminum/aluminum evaporators for ammonia and glycol solutions, the market has begun to seek our solution for CO2 as well. The advantage is that both ammonia and CO2 are natural gases and are present in the air, allowing for ‘clean operation’.

The use of ammonia as a refrigerant gas is a trend that is expected to stand out among all others in Latin America, followed by CO2. That’s because it allows for a wide range of uses both as a primary fluid and as secondary fluid, and even offers several important advantages such as savings and a vast field of exploration through the resources available regarding electronics and materials used.

In 2006 Mipal launched the green seal, to designate its products that are designed for clean operation.