The importance of properly sizing the thermal load of an application translates not only into using the most suitable equipment, but also in savings. By adapting the project to the type of cooling need, one can avoid wasting energy and optimize the physical space, i.e., reduce costs and ensure product quality. The new Mipal Selector is here to revolutionize the selection of air forcers for freezers and cold rooms. In two versions – one for use on the web (on-line) and one for installation on your computer – the Mipal Selector features many benefits and new resources:

• Predefined and standardized products: a wide choice of products, such as meat, dairy, fruits, beverages, chocolates, vegetables and grains – all subdivided by types – with the information already standardized according to the current norms and practices, enabling a correct, appropriate and speedy selection

• Product customization: users can quickly register one or more specific products and the characteristics thereof, and use them in other projects

• Selection of air forcers for volatile products and chemicals

• Advanced option includes information such as relative humidity, offering an even more detailed design

• Possibility of obtaining the thermal load with less information: often the user does not have all the information available. Mipal provides a specific calculation method for these situations

• Streamlined: the tool allows design changes and automatic calculation of the new thermal load with just one click

• Several measurement systems: usual, international and British Standard (Kcal, BTUs and Watts)

• Option for calculation at 50 and 60 Hz

• Design export option

• In addition to the sizing of the thermal load, the program shows all possibilities of the Mipal product line that meet the specified requirement, as well as a photo and drawing with the respective product dimensions.

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