Mipal invests substantially in research and development to always offer products with the best efficiency, performance and quality.

Moreover, since its founding, Mipal has had the philosophy of ongoing innovation. Accordingly, for the past 50 years it has been anticipating trends in the refrigeration market, always offering products aligned with world strategies.



This philosophy protects the investment of customers who find in Mipal the assuredness that they are using modern and highly efficient products.

The philosophy of human appreciation has also been part of Mipal since its inception. In addition to employees and collaborators, customers also find in Mipal a genuine commitment to solving their needs, which made the company’s special projects department develop greatly in recent years, aimed at serving each customer in its specific needs.

And the market’s response came quickly: Mipal has maintained substantial growth rates, including abroad. The share of exports in Mipal earnings grows year by year, and today more than 22 countries are served directly and 35 indirectly.

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